One man dies after shooting in Nijmegen

A 37-year-old man died after a shooting in an apartment in Nijmegen on Tuesday afternoon. Four people were arrested at the scene, the police said.

Police and a trauma team were dispatched to the apartment in the Lankforst neighborhood shortly after 3.30 p.m., following reports of at least one gunshot. The critically injured man was found inside the apartment. Attempts to resuscitate him were to no avail and he died at the scene.

Three men and one woman were arrested in connection with the crime. Two of the men, aged 22 and 55 were residents of Nijmegen and the 37-year-old woman came from Helmond. The third man is said to be 45-years-old and does not have a registered address. The four suspects were all present in the apartment at the time the crime occurred.

The police are investigating what happened and call on witnesses to come forward.